KanOkla Intertie Repeater System Users Policy


Please remember this is a large linked system, for it to work properly everyone must follow these simple procedures


Article One:

You must key your microphone for at least one second before you speak, it you don’t the other parties will not hear your complete transmission (the first words will be cut off).

It takes time for the complete system to come-up. Note that very short one word phrases like “ok”, “roger” and “yes” will not make it through the system.


Article Two:

You must Pause after each transmission and wait for the system to completely drop out, even if a courtesy tone is present. This is required to allow all of the repeaters on the system to dropout and reset. It also permits someone with emergency traffic; or someone wishing to make a call on the repeater; or other operators wishing to enter, for their exchange to be heard by all. Note: For the 146.85 Wichita, It's not necessary to let that repeater tail drop, all you need to hear is the “2 beeps” on the courtesy tone before transmitting. On all the other repeaters you must let the tail drop, “Don’t be a Tailgater".


Article Three:

On any intertie link repeater systems your power level must be high enough that your signal into the Link is “full quieting”. Don't subject the other stations that you are in contact with noisy transmission. If you can clear it up with a little more power, do so. Some communications are marginal only because one operator likes to use the absolute minimum power (this works for SSB or CW but is a real problem for a FM linked system). Bottom line, if your signal is not full quieting into the repeater that you are using, then it will get worst as the linked repeaters starts relaying your signal. Listening to somebody that is unnecessarily noisily is very irritating to everybody who is trying to use the system. If you are in a fringe area and are hearing white noise on the repeater output, you should be running high power. If in a mobile stop at a high point to get the best signal into the system (and don’t try to use your handheld!). There is absolutely no penalty from the FCC for using full power when using a FM Linked Intertie repeater system (In fact full quieting is required with link repeaters when passing traffic properly, unnecessarily noise is irritating to everybody and will not provide the required signal to get the traffic through). As a side note, hand held radios can be the worst problem for any linked system. Think before you try to use a handheld on the system, will it allow you be full quieting?


Article Four:

Use the repeater that has the best coverage in your area. The repeater team has spent untold hours getting repeaters in your area so that you will have the best quieting signal. See the map @ http://www.statelineskywarn.com/coverage_map.html


Article Five:

Please Identify legally, per the FCC requirements. You must identify at the termination of your conversation and at least once each ten minutes. This also includes "kerchunking", which is irritating. Instead of just kerchunking, The KanOkla Intertie invites you to ID and seek contacts, then you will be having fun using ham radio and the Intertie System!